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Over 25 years of experience.

We strive to bring you reasonable prices using high quality materials. This is always our goal and is what makes us different from the competition. Sam Yoder & Son Inc. sets the standard in the truss industry and has worked to encourage quality over the last three decades.

The staff here at Sam Yoder & Son is ready to help from start to finish. From the early stages of layout and design to helping schedule a delivery date.

Contact us to get started on your next project.

Why Engineered Wood Trusses?
  • Our floor and roof trusses are engineered with attention to detail and quality.
  • Trusses minimize cutting and framing on the job site, greatly reducing labor cost.
  • Our trucks are equipped with booms so you can have your trusses unloaded and set quickly and easily.
Why Work With Us?
  • Our design department custom engineers every job to the requirements of your project.
  • To ensure your trusses are built to your specifications, our quality control department approves your trusses before they are shipped.
  • Sam Yoder & Son has set the industry standard in quality truss construction for over two decades.