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Products & Services

- Our Process -


Our design department custom engineers every job to the requirements of your project.  We design our floor and roof trusses with attention to detail and quality.


To ensure our trusses are always built with care, we have a quality control department which approves your trusses before they are shipped. Our expert staff have all the experience needed to ensure that your delivery runs smoothly.


Our biggest concern is making sure our customers are satisfied. After the sale, our staff will be in contact with you to make sure the delivery went smoothly, the quality is what you expected, and that there were no issues with your order.  Many times your salesman will personally visit your site while the trusses are being delivered, or set by the framers.

 High Quality Products

We use top quality MSR lumber which is also checked by our QC department to ensure integrity.  We use high quality connector plates from Mitek, one of the leaders in the building component industry.

To go along with your truss order we carry truss hangers and straps.  These can be used for truss to truss, truss to wall, or wall to wall.

We carry The Stabilizer truss brace system.  These offer fast and accurate truss installation, all a framer needs is a hammer.  The Stabilizer is easily installed by embedding patented MII 20 teeth on the top flap straight into the edge of the truss member to be braced. It is the only truss spacer that provides precise 24" or 16" o.c. spacing, while doubling as permanent lateral bracing.  This makes The Stabilizer an all in one solution for quick and easy bracing.

We also offer a variety of  engineered wood products.  This includes wood I-Joists, LVL beams, glu-lams, power columns and our newest product Relam.